He is going to die for us

        And Peter said to him, “Master, where are you going?”
        Friends in Christ, Where is Jesus going?  Where is he going? He is going to die for us.   Jesus has been born into the world, he has grown up through all the struggles of human existence; he has taught for 3 years in his public life,  he instructed his Apostles, he gave the Holy Mass for the Church, and now he goes to die for us.   
        St. Alphonsus says,[i]  to redeem us, it would have been sufficient for Jesus to shed a single drop of his blood,  or shed one tear, or even offer a single prayer;  a prayer offered by a Divine Person would be of infinite value, certainly sufficient for the salvation of the whole world.”   St. John Chrysostom says however, ‘what was sufficient for the redemption was not sufficient for the immense love which God has for us.’ He wished to do more.  
        Jesus Christ led a life full of sorrows; he suffered a death –a most painful one, full of humiliations, all in order to make us know the infinite love he has for us.  As St. Alphonsus also says, if a friend of ours or a relative  died for us – in our place – that we might live, what greater proof could be given of love, than this.   
        Before Christ came down from heaven, people might have doubted whether he tenderly loved them; but it should be impossible to not love him,  after he was nailed to a tree for you.   
        If the most distasteful person on earth had done for you  what Jesus Christ has done,  how could we live without loving that person?  

[i] Much of this is adapted from St. Alphonsus, Preparation for Death, p. 342.

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