Joseph as a type of Christ

Friends in Christ,
Today Our Lord tells a parable about those going to receive the produce from the master’s vineyard; these men are killed, and when he sends his own son, he also is killed.  The parable is aimed at the Chief priests of the Lord’s time, who themselves did not recognize the Savior and put him to death. Those who had come before the son to receive the produce; some say that these are the prophets of the Old Testament, which had foretold the Messiah.  

But Christ was foretold not only by the prophets, but by the types and signs of the Old Testament.  One of these types is found in our first reading today:  Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Jacob.    

Joseph, is the dear son of his father Jacob,  
Jesus is the Beloved Son of his Father in heaven.  

Joseph was sent by his father to his brothers,  
Jesus was sent by HIS Father to his brothers, us.
Joseph was stripped of his garments, thrown into the pit, and left for dead,
Jesus was stripped of his garments, and thrown into the tomb.
Both Joseph and Jesus were sold for pieces of silver,
Joseph was sold by Judah, Jesus was sold by Judas.  

There are many other parallels, all of which should lift our faith, knowing that all was foretold long ago. Toward the end of Lent, we will walk with Christ  in his Passion.  In his life and especially in his Passion,  Our Lord fulfills all the types and symbols which have come before.   

In ancient times, Joseph saved the known world from starvation, by feeding them wheat;
Jesus saves an entire world with ‘wheat:’ the Bread of Life.  
In Egypt, Joseph was placed at the right hand of Pharaoh to rule his nation,
Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father, to rule creation.  
When they saw him alive, Joseph’s brothers did not at first recognize him,
Jesus’ disciples did not at first recognize him in the resurrection.   

And most importantly:  Joseph forgave and embraced his brothers, even though they betrayed him,
Jesus also forgives his brothers – us –  even though we have betrayed him.   

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