Finding God

Friends in Christ,
today Our Lord holds up simplicity as the door by which God can get into our heart. In his day, it was the Jewish leaders who could not accept Jesus. It was the simple, the humble, who could see the truth.
Someone once said, ‘The heart, not the head, is the home of the gospel.’ This does not mean that intellectuals and leaders do not have access to God, it means that the proud cannot find him; simplicity and humility are the virtues that open the door to God.
Jesus concludes his words today by saying that the only way to know God the Father is through the Son, and it is the Son who can reveal him to us. In another place he says, ‘He who has seen me has seen the Father.’
Christ is saying, if you want to see what God is like, if you want to see the heart of God, the nature of God, God’s attitude toward us – then we need to look toward Jesus. Jesus will reveal our Father-God, and we will find him, if we are simple and humble enough.

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