You can conquer your weakness

Friends in Christ, when we are born into this world, and then soon baptized, we walk in the grace of God, our soul is beautiful. But over the passing years we are subject to the wiles of the devil and the pounding temptations of this world. Over time, we can form bad habits, even vices.
Habits of lying, gossip, theft, of greed; impure thoughts or vices, or habits of judging or of envy. If we really look into our soul, we discover weaknesses and failings that often entrap us. The saints say that inevitably we are punished for our sins; our sins lead us into trouble, or give us an embarrassingly bad reputation or make us sick over ourself; but our falls also humble us. They can make us better. Our temptations and failings are the reins by which God restrains our human arrogance.
But we do wish to improve, and overcome our vices. St. John of Karpathos says that the devil lurks like a lion; he lays in our path hidden traps and snares in the form of temptations and bad thoughts; but if we use force against the Enemy – if we expend much effort and time in prayer, we can reach a state in which our mind is no longer troubled, and so attain the inward heaven where Jesus dwells. Prayer and effort will do this, will have us conquer.
In the gospel today Our Lord tells us of the man who is persistent in his asking for help; he says that the man in the house will get out of bed because of this persistent asking. Each time we fall we must get up again and continue after Christ until we reach him. If we are persistent in fighting our bad habits, and ask unceasingly in prayer, we will receive gifts far beyond what we deserve.
Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

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