The power of the Our Father

Friends in Christ, today in the Gospel Our Lord teaches his Apostles the best way to pray. He teaches them the Our Father.
The Lord’s Prayer should be said many times a day, it is the privileged prayer of the Church, because it was given by Jesus himself. Emeritus Pope Benedict, in a book he wrote called ‘A New Song to the Lord’ (p. 170), he recalls a story of two philology students who had never had any kind of religious instruction, but they attended a sermon by Helmut Thielicke at St. Michael’s church in Hamburg. What impressed them most was the Our Father that was prayed together at the end, which everyone knew.
Being without any religion, they had never heard it before. Since everyone else seemed to know it, they were ashamed to ask anyone where this prayer came from, instead, they went on a search for this text themselves. Their attempt to find it in the public library failed. They could not find the text in the library of the school of theology either.
The matter became ever more baffling until they finally hit upon an idea: they would watch religious services – the Mass – on television, and listening carefully, they were able to write down the Our Father as it was being prayed. They wrote about this experience: ‘Thus we finally had a copy of the Our Father in the bag!,’ they said. This episode eventually would lead them to enter the Catholic Faith.
It is easy for us to take for granted this beautiful prayer given to us by the Son of God, in Person. St. Teresa of Avila advocates saying this prayer very, very slowly, and meditating on each phrase. This is a way, she says, to converse with God.
This is a prayer with power; it can even convert a person to Christ, and save their soul.

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